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Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows a user to perform a search by saying terms rather than typing them. This technology also may be used as a service by smartphones and other small Web-enabled devices.

One of the most necessary technology that impacting the world of digital marketing today is the widespread adoption of voice search.

Voice search and its capacity for recognizing human speech have improved significantly, being used around the world for search queries and in homes. There are many reasons voice recognition becoming necessary for brands. Voice search is a hugely popular emergent technology that will only keep getting bigger, and as it does it will change in digital marketing widely. This also help you to improve the customer experience and drive more traffic to your site, and help you stay ahead of  the competition.This emergent technology made large impact on digital marketing plans, because voice is changing  the way people search for and find brands to interact with.

Marketers who want to remain visible to target audience  in the coming years will have to find a way to incorporate voice technology into their digital marketing strategies.At  the moment, 50% of searches will be conducted through voice technology . By adopting a this strategy creating a unique and optimized customer experience that will foster relationships and build brand loyalty.


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Followings are the top 4 Virtual Assistants :

● Siri (Apple)

● Google Now (Google)

● Alexa (Amazon)

● Cortana (Microsoft)



How do people search with voice?

Virtual assistants are often called upon for responding to the customers questions. People can talk to these virtual assistants about what they need to proceed. And these voice assistants have some basic keywords based on the ranking. Whenever users speeches it provide content that matches the user’s search term intent. The more relevant and useful the content is, the better.

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Today, Most  people are looking for a quick solution to make multi-tasking more effective. Because they can’t be bothered with typing by the use of voice over text With an error rate of only 8%, voice search is  going to change the way people search. The rise of voice search impacts how customers search for products and services, making it relevant for digital marketers to ensure their content is visible  from every type of request. As people begin to search differently, websites formerly optimized for text-based searches will need to be optimized for voice-based queries.





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