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Why Explainer Videos Are So Effective? How can you use best video for your brands? How such videos affect your business in the span time? Explore how can it help you promote your company?


Explainer video, which is designed to explain your business ideas in just a few seconds. Many businesses can have a difficult to grab the audience’s attention on their brand or products. These animated videos will be created in short, simple and with high quality to work perfectly to get the real impact. An explainer video is a short animated video, which explains what the company offers, how it can help the customers, what is their products/services. Explainer videos are very catchy and they encourage people to keep on watching.


Explainer videos are simple and short which is no longer than 90 seconds on average. They can give the clear structure of the businesses idea of “what”, “how” and “why”. These types of videos are made to meet the target audience’s requirements, and get in contact with you. We all know that all marketers are competing each other to get the audience’s attention and reach at the top. Therefore to get the best marketing results, these videos need to have the best quality in order to make the company stand out from the competition.


An explainer video, as its name suggests, is a form of video content intended to explain something to the viewers. It is widely used with the purpose of concise and clear explanation of some business idea in visual terms. And these visual treats are simple, which makes to  inform the customers about their business offers, and to advertise their services as the best in the market.


Explainer videos generally use animated characters to give a fun touch that generates a strong connection with the target audience, and they generally use the look & feel of the brand’s identity in order to spawn strong brand recognition. Also the explainer videos have music and sound effects that set the mood to tell a specific story and help to increase engagement. These videos are also featured with a professional voice over artist that reveals what is being shown on screen.



You can use it in a number of different contexts, once you make an explainer video. You can keep it on YouTube, or you can embed it into the homepage of your site. They’re short and universal enough to transfer easily.


There is no doubt on video marketing is a major trend and videos get 66% more leads than regular content usually likes text and picture. Explainer video content gives you the opportunity to highlight the main concept of your business and putting in the work to really capture the attention of your customers. Most explainer video products are focused on the target audience That’s why marketers more use these videos


Now you all understand exactly what an explainer video is. Find out how we can help to enhance your marketing strategy by using explainer videos.

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